Steps for this Activity

  1. Do 2 of these challenges:

    • Think Global: Act Local- How might you create actionable ways to promote and teach web literacy in your community? Take the challenge
    • Reenvision the Web Lit Map - Reimagine how might we visualize the information in the Web Literacy Map differently for different audiences. Take the challenge
    • Give Feedback on Webmaker - File a bug. Take the challenge
    • Localize a Teaching Kit - remix a Webmaker teaching kit so that it resonates with your community. Take the challenge
    • Give and Get Feedback -Share a project that you are tinkering on here to get remote feedback.Take the challenge
  2. Apply for your MozFest Remotee badge on Discourse by posting links to your challenge responses here.

  3. Share out your work and progress on twitter using the #mozfest hashtag to join in on the Mozilla Festival fun.


  • computer
  • paper
  • markers


Let people know that you are taking part in the challenge. Share with your twitter followers the link to this page and think about specifying which challenges you are working on.

Related Event

Mozilla Festival

This activity is designed as part of the Mozilla Festival.